I am Tony

About me.

Photography is an incredible thing.  To be able to take a moment - that will never ever be the same again - and capture it, is what photography is all about for me.  I love being able to tell a story - your story - through photos.


Originally from Holland (yes Amsterdam is very cool, but have you been to Rotterdam?) I am now based in Switzerland.   My main areas of work are portrait (single, couple, pregnancy or family photoshoots), wedding photography and event photography.   I love the time that I spend with people who allow me into their space to capture their memories.   My aim is to create beautiful and real images in natural surroundings, which capture the emotion of that moment.  

Most of my work is done  throughout Switzerland but I will of course also travel abroad depending on my clients' needs.

The packages which I offer are tailored to your specific needs, so please get in touch so that we can chat and see how best we can create the perfect photographic experience for you.

" How would I describe Mr T? Well, he goes with the flow, wherever the journey takes him, sharp wit with few words, loyal, hard working, honest, authentic, free spirited, always amused, creative, determined, fussy eater, adventure seeker, he's just one of those guys you always enjoy having around. " 


   This is Océane


About Océane

100% Swiss girl born in Geneva and raised in both Geneva and Lausanne (yes, she loves cheese fondue)

Océane is a talented photographer and my assistant/ photographer on  projects like weddings, events/ shows, family shootings.  

She has an incredible passion for photography and a very good eye for detail.

Her social skills and ever good mood make the interaction with the models very natural which allows her and me to take beautiful photos and always have smooth sessions, even crying babies she can make smile!